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August 30, 2022
May 7, 2019
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Tired of all or nothing regular transfer standards? With Transfer Single, you will be able to transfer just one item of most of the standards, an event to multiple files at one time! Also, you will be able to copy additional elements like views, printing setups, section boxes; worksets… even legends with contents!

From version 3.0 you can manage your naming most of the standards of the selected file, by renaming, deleting, find and replace, etc…  This ability is limited but will be growing trying to cover all possible elements.

From version 3.1 you can copy Sheet with Views and Views with Annotation Elements.

General Usage Instructions

Ensure all files, source files and target files are open. Remember you can transfer to multiple files at the same time but all must be open.

In “From:” dropdown select source file. TransferSingle will then load and list all available standards. Be patient, it will take some time with big files.

Once listed you can check any standards you want to transfer. Notice you can check single standards like filters, view templates, etc. but also a lot of additional things like worksets, views, scope boxes, print setups, legends (yes!), etc…

Then select target files in the “To” box. Just one or multiple files.

Finally, press Transfer Single in order to transfer selected standards to all these files.

This tool will let you keep multiple source files with system families, or regular families while keeping your company template clean.

You have two additional Applications that will let you Mass Load and Mass Save regular Autodesk® Revit® families.

MassLoad fill will find any rfa files under the selected folder and subfolder and will show you as a tree structure. Select Folder, then check families then press Load Families.

MassSave will save all listed families from the project and will let you save it to a target folder. Select folder, check wanted families



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