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September 12, 2022
January 17, 2016
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FilterMore is an advanced filter that will let you view your current selection as single elements and grouped by category, family, and type. It will also let you expand your current selection through different options like nested, joined, hosted or a host of elements.

Filter by Parameter will let you group and filter your elements using its parameters and values.

With Pre-Filter you will be able to filter by category before making any selection.

Also tired of losing your current selection? FilterMore will add additional buttons as a fast way to store a temporal selection where you can append or restore it.

General Usage Instructions


FilterMore main app will let you filter current selection by single elements using a tree visualization based on category, family, and types. It’s just like the regular Autodesk® Revit® filter but adding extra information.

Filter By Parameters

Filter By Parameters will let you filter current selection by listing them grouped in Parameters and its values. Parameters values are listed as they appear in Revit properties palette.

Expand Selection

You will be able to expand the current checked selection through different options:

  • Same Category
  • Same Type
  • Same Family
  • Same Workset
  • Host of Elements
  • Hosted Elements
  • Nested Elements
  • Joined Elements
  • Supercomponent
  • Dependent (Rvt 2019 or above)

The expander will also let you choose if new elements come from the model or only from the current view.

As of the last option, you will be able to add expanded elements to the current selection or take them all as a new selections.

A dedicated button will let you expand without going to the FilterMore main app. If you shift + click it will directly expand the selection based on the last configuration.

Quick Save Selection

A quick way to keep the selection alive. You have three buttons that let you:

  • Save Selection: Save currently selected elements.
  • Add to Selection: Append currently selected elements to a saved selection. Shift + Click Will Remove current from the saved selection.
  • Restore Selection: Restore saved selection

Pre Filter

Allow you to filter categories before selecting elements.



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