Push it!

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March 13, 2023
March 13, 2023
op. system

Push It! will allow you to move elements to closer obstacles in a 3D View.

It will stop any visible element in the selected 3d view.

You can use the bounding box as the limit and also apply offset from the detected collision point.

Movements are restricted to horizontal and vertical main directions.

General Usage Instructions

Open a 3D view or keep open one 3D view. That view will be used to detect obstacles. Only visible elements will be used as obstacles.

Select Elements to move.

Once selected run Push It!

Select detection options, directions and offset.

Click on Push It! button.

Push It! Now,  this command will run PushIt! command on selected elements at the backend without any dialog and use the same settings that were defined in the last run of "PushIt!".